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 Staffing Solutions 

Proven Delivery Model in a High-Volume Environment
At Webcom we pride ourselves on high quality and timely deliverables. Our proven delivery model and unrivaled execution enable us to interpret and effectively respond to our clients' high-volume staffing requirements.

Direct Hire
While many companies task their HR departments with the responsibility of staffing permanent positions, they may choose to outsource the recruiting effort for one or more job categories across discrete lines of businesses or geographies.

Webcom provides direct hire (permanent placement) services and recruits employees on behalf of its clients to fill permanent positions for technology, general, or hard-to-find skill-sets across a wide breadth of job categories and geographies.

Those clients engaging Webcom for contingent labor or temporary staffing requirements have the option of engaging Webcom for direct hire positions as well as converting existing Webcom consultants to permanent employees.


Oftentimes, companies seek a supplier to assume the payroll processing, tax administration, and other obligatory employment functions in support of consultants.

Webcom providespayrolling services, assuming management responsibility of the referred or pass-through consultants identified by the client. Webcom 'spayrolling process includes complete validation, induction, and communication management.

Webcom is as an exclusive payroll provider for several large corporations in addition to providing these clients with staff augmentation and transitioning services.

Workforce Transitioning

The transitioning of consultants or teams of consultants from one vendor to another is often the outcome of a vendor consolidation or de-selection activity.

Through a successful vendor consolidation program, the client reaps the advantages of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers. Benefits include:
  • Sourcing activities can be centralized and ultimately more efficient
  • There will not be vast disparities in fees
  • There will not be variances in contracts
  • There will not be variances in contracts
  • There are limited candidate ownership questions; hence, less co-employment risk
  • Deliverables across the board will be more consistent

Webcom concurs that the periodic assessment of suppliers is a necessary aspect of continuous improvement and due diligence in supply chain management. Ultimately, the best suppliers rise to the top when appraised according to KPIs and metrics-based performance.

Webcom has a team dedicated to the transitioning practice and is wholly proficient at assuming management responsibility and becoming the employer of record for a consultant, group of consultants, or project team previously on-boarded by another vendor.

Webcom is pleased to say that the company has often been the recipient of additional consultants after vendor consolidation programs and has transitioned nearly two thousand consultants from deselected suppliers over the past few years. Webcom provides a smooth transition, extending client-specific benefits, and welcoming the new consultants to The Webcom Circle.
Team Deployment

Webcom has extensive experience providing large- and medium-sized team installations and transitioning services to its clients. Webcom has deployed teams for SOW projects as well as ongoing programs, and has transitioned hundreds of contractors and consultants from other vendors to its own team.

Webcom provides a number of its Fortune 500 clients with smooth and seamless team deployment and transition services. Over the past two years, Webcom has transitioned over a thousand IT consultants at data centers and other infrastructure facilities.

Webcom 's primary objective is to assure its clients' project success and business continuity. Wherever a transition is necessary and approved, Webcom will make strategic recommendations to its clients and assure that both the employees and clients experience a flawless handoff with no interruption to services.

For any transitioning exercise, Webcom deploys low cost technology solutions such as a dedicated website and dedicated call center to assist in creating an open communication environment for the allocated employees. The transition process has proven to accomplish long-term retention and motivation for these employees.

Webcom 's time-tested and highly successful transition process ultimately benefits both the client and employees by transitioning the best candidates to the most appropriate positions and rates. It is in the best interest of the client and employees to have a quick and efficient transition process whenever a change is required.

Resiliency Planning

The 21st century has already proven itself as a time when departmental managers must respond quickly to the changing needs of their organization as predicated by growth demands, budget modifications, economic climates (regional, national and global), and other market dynamics.

Webcom supports its clients' efforts during rapidly-changing cycles by providing flexible and scalable services with pre-contexts for seamlessly ramping up or down in order to align its deliverables to the client's shifting demands. Webcom 's resiliency planning is a powerful program that is automatically enabled during a client's work outage, debilitating environmental issue, talent supply shortage (skill-set or geographic), or other disastrous events.

Webcom 's strategic partnerships with top Fortune 500 clients incorporates resiliency and DR&CP measures to assure continuity of crucial support functions in data centers, call centers, help desks, and other departments.

IC Validation

According to Staffing Industry Analysts' 2009 Buyer Survey, fewer than 20% of employers are confident that all their 1099/independent contractors are 100% compliant. The research also found that the larger the company, the more doubts there were about compliance.

Webcom offers IC validation and compliance services that directly address all IRS guidelines. The service applies to 1099/independent contractors and subcontractors.

Permanent Staffing:

The employees work for a single employer and are paid directly by that employer. In addition to their wages, they often receive benefits like subsidized healthcare, paid vacations, holidays, sick time, or contributions to a retirement plan. Permanent employees have an advantage as they are protected from abrupt job termination by severance policies, such as advance notice period and many formalities. Permanent staffing varies from company to company and is based on shifts on which the employee has to work. Basically a permanent employee has to work for 5*8 working hours. The 4 days will consist of 10 hours work per day or 10 hours including half hour lunch. For 3 days the working hour may be 12 hours daily. Shifts can be irregular for the retail sector and service providers.

As the competition in the market is increasing day by day, quality focus is becoming highly necessary to the organizations. The time is crucial and the circumstances are critical which creating immense pressure and trouble for recruiting quality candidates on permanent basis by the organizations.Consulting Services solve the recruitment problem of its clients by providing lot number of expert perfectionist top performers. We follow scientific methods of logical analysis for the selection of right candidates who will become a permanent asset to the organization.

Contract Staffing:

Contract staffing as the name itself means staffing candidates for client companies on contract basis. In contract staffing the employees are bound by certain terms with the employer and have to be in service for a certain period of time. To some extent they get benefits and refer to themselves as “consultants”.

Organizations are now more keen to the more flexible and efficient candidates which give results instantly. For this reason organizations are going for the contract staffing according to their urgent requirements for working in the critical projects with a specific time period. Webcom Consulting Services provide quality staffing in contract basis those having experience in the specific domain and high performer with quality skills. This helps the clients by

  • Providing quality candidates with high experience
  • Reducing attrition of the organization
  • Reducing time consumption and engaged manpower
  • Helping cost reduction of the company
  • Providing right candidate for the right project
  • Managing excess workforce.

Contract to hire:

Webcom provide this service where employee starts working under payroll for certain period and after that they will be permanently hired by the respective organization. Organizations go for certain contracts with the candidates for a specific time period and if possible they on board the candidate for permanent basis. This helps the organization to understand the candidate’s potential and commitment to the company and help them to decide to take the employee as a company asset.


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