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 Server & Storage 
Enterprise Computing has become increasingly popular due to innovative infrastructure pricing models like those used in cloud computing and virtualization. Our expertise in server management, database management, storage system management ensures that your infrastructure investments will result in the best fit for your organization in terms of cost and utilization. Our offerings include:

Server Management:
Using a combination of high performance servers, energy-efficient rack solutions and best-practice management tools, we can tailor the data centre environment to meet your business needs and budget
Webcom server management services include server utilization and optimization, making maximum use of business resources and mitigating risk due to outages and unplanned downtimes without committing upfront investments.
Storage Management:
The Webcom Managed Storage solution provides best practice storage infrastructure management to ensure your storage environment operates at maximum efficiency.
Our vast storage expertise and management tools aid your organisation in planning and understanding storage requirements, enabling better use of your existing storage assets and minimising the need for unnecessary costly investments in new hardware.
Improved Performance
• Improve backup success rate through proactive maintenance and analysis of backup success/failure
• Optimisation of data protection through backup performance and capacity analysis
• Reduce and stabilise restore initiation times though service level agreements
Efficiency Gains
• Accommodate fluctuating business requirements through scalable managed data services
• Accurate budgeting through predictable service costs
• Improve productivity and minimise downtime though efficient data restoration processes
Improved Data Management Quality
• Proactive guidance on engineering, deployment and ongoing management of backup and storage operations
• Scheduled analysis and recommendation on data storage profiles, data lifecycle management, backup plans and regime and recovery operations
• Strengthen processes and standards in backup and recovery operations


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