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We do this by leveraging best practice processes, a high capacity technical team and using technology to Webcom many of the routine administration task

 Offshore Outsourcing

     There are three main categories in offshore outsourcing
     Business process outsourcing (BPO)
     Infrastructure and technology outsourcing
     Software outsourcing

 Benefits of offshore outsourcing

     Minimized operation costs and maximized revenue
     Services delivered ahead of schedule
     Access to specialized services which are not your core functions
     More time to concentrate on core competencies
     Save on investing in software, technology & infrastructure

 Business Process Management

    ERP applications drive integration across the enterprise throughout multiple departments and agencies; but organizations don’t operate in this manner. In order to be successful, they must deal with business process management efforts. It is highly recommended to re-engineer and streamline the business processes to the "best practice" function delivered in the ERP System, and Webcom ERP has in depth experience in delivering best practices.

    Webcom BPM is a solution designed to streamline and tailor business processes to your organization’s needs. Webcom Enterprise BPM Suite delivers truly seamless, end-to-end management of tasks, execution and automation of end-to-end business processes improving cross-departmental processes and leverage process efficiency and excellence as a means to drive strategic advantage

    Our Webcom Enterprise BPM™ Framework, the software infrastructure provides the core functionality for orchestrating steps related to, and navigating end users through, ERP application business processes. Webcom Enterprise BPM Suite delivers truly seamless, end-to-end management of tasks, execution and automation of end-to-end business processes.

    Webcom Enterprise BPM connects separate transactions/processes together into a single business process flow. Each step in the process may include several different roles or users. A step could also be a batch process, a manual step taken outside the system, or a web service etc. Users in a process flow need not have any knowledge of the entire business process, the other roles or users, their relationship to the process etc. These capabilities change the entire notion of applications, by allowing core systems to respond to process context, rather than driving processes around the limits of technology. In this way Webcom Enterprise BPM changes the nature of application management allowing both IT and business users to avoid the complexity of disparate, siloed systems, and instead focus on business processes at a higher level. This opens up the opportunity to improve cross-departmental processes and leverage process efficiency and excellence as a means to drive strategic advantage.
    Benefits of streamlining business processes using Webcom BPM include:
    • Simplified and Streamlined User Interfaces and Business Processes
    • Seamless Integration of ERP and non-ERP functionalities.
    • Enhanced Contemporary User Interfaces.
    • Enhanced Business Process Management Including Managing Step-by-Step Processing.
    • Lower Long-Term Cost of Ownership.
    • Improved Data Quality and Increased Accountability

 BPM Automation

     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are critical to business and IT operations. Ensuring these applications stay available to business users is essential and oftentimes challenging. With Webcom, you can leverage your ERP investment to create a comprehensive business automation platform.

    Webcom manages ERP processes as part of larger process workflows. As a result, from a centralized console, business and IT process automation are consolidated so that processes from varying applications, including ERP solutions are all tied together into a single script-free workflow.
     Connect ERP applications to other business applications with event-based scheduling and integrated workflows
     Monitor, manage and trigger dependencies between ERP processes and external processes
     Maintain complete audit trail of process events
     Use ERP events (like end-of-day processing) to trigger workflows and tasks
     Extensive reporting including Webcom exporting of data to PDF, HTML, CSV, et al.
     Support of multiple ERP instances and environments, on-premise or in the Cloud
     Offers more flexible and extensive calendar options for scheduling ERP processes

 Office Time Management

    In today’s jet-setting business environment, organization heads are looking for advanced tools to track the day-to-day activities of their staff on the move. To address this growing need, we have developed a powerful solution that captures daily company operations and reports them to the leadership team remotely. Our unique Office Management Solution reviews the entire functional operations of an organization on a daily basis and facilitates remote access to this data.


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